Folsom Street Fair

by Ellen in


Sunday was the most interesting day I've had in SF so far. The reason: Folsom Street Fair.

HOLY (insert expletive, because I wanted to cuss the whole time)!

Let me start by saying that "Folsom Street Fair" is really a misnomer. This is its real name: "Everyone-walks-around-naked-or-in-assless-chaps-and-oh-can-I-spank-you-for-a-small-donation-to-a-good-AIDS-related-cause-while-driving-the-bus-to-CRAZYTOWN-spectacle."

Then I thought, there are only two ways my parents will be completely positive that I've seen a penis: 1. Get married. 2. MOVE TO SAN FRANCISCO.

I did wish for Fitty when I got to see all the butts. That's what I was interested in. However, when so many are gathered in one place, one becomes desensitized to the differences and beauties of the booties. They then become unoriginal and totally regular. But not to fear, it didn't stop me from looking anyway. I mean, when you wear assless chaps, you are asking to be looked at.

All in all, a regular Sunday in San Francisco-- church in the morning, Naked Fair in the afternoon.