I love videochat.

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Yes, yes I do. Especially when cute things like this are happening on the other side of the computer:
Ben gets a Hoverboard and can fly around behind his mom:
The littlest Bowman has been very busy. Diaper Graveyard.
Hello, Dad.
Smiling and waving. He's very active.
Ben is getting so big! I can't believe it. And when I get to see him in October, he's going to be a grown up!

I've already booked my flight for Melissy and Hunter's wedding, and I can't wait. I'm suuuuper bummed I'm missing all the showers and parties, but at least I'll get to celebrate with them on their big day.

It's only 6 weeks away! Time has flown...and in 6 weeks, I'll really mean that. I LOVE SF, but I am already getting excited to see my family and BFFs. Friends, mark your calendars: Friday, October 22=Raiford's.

I'm also REALLY EXCITED that my dear friend Michael is coming to visit Sept. 26-Oct.4. We are going to this really awesome FREE music festival in Golden Gate Park: http://strictlybluegrass.com/. If you click that link, you'll see some small, lesser known names like THE INDIGO GIRLS, THE AVETT BROTHERS, ROBERT EARL KEEN, ELVIS COSTELLO, UMPHREY'S MCGEE. Holy cow. Did I mention this is FREE? I LOVE SF. I'm so excited...it has been a good long while since I immersed myself in a music festival, but the good thing is, if there are too many men without sleeves, I can always go home and not feel bad about wasting $100, because it's FREE.

AND I'm excited about getting to see Michael, because he is such a dear sweet friend.

Until then, I'm going to keep taking pictures and trying my hand at ceramics (ahhhh).