Just to show you...

by Ellen in ,

I'll probably never print anything this big ever again, so it was fun while it lasted. Also, if anyone wants this/has room for this, it can be yours for a fraction of what I paid for it (and believe me, you don't want to know what I paid for it). If you live in Memphis and you want it, I'll be home in October to be in my BFF Melissa's wedding, and I'll buy it its own seat on the plane so it can come to Memphis, too. I really like it, but I don't have room for it, and I'd love for it to have a good home. So, if you're interested, let me know.

Just to show you the scale:

It takes up more than half the length of my bed. It's sort of fun though, and you definitely can't ignore it when it's in the room with you.

I went to church at St. Gregory's today, and made some more friends! I really really really really really really love it there. I even met someone who goes to my school, and we had lunch with another friend. We're all going grocery shopping next week together (sidenote: grocery shopping is quite an excursion if you don't have a car. You never hear anyone say, "Oh, I'll just run to the store and pick up ________").

I'm also volunteering at Grace with their Family Minister. She is AWESOME...like, we became friends instantly. I helped her set up her Godly Play rooms yesterday, and I'm going to teach next week with the little littles. She is really good at her job, but is fighting a battle wayyyy bigger than she is, and I feel like I'm being called to help her. We made a deal: if I can get the people at Grace to like kids, then she'll find me a man. Who likes girls (it's a challenge). And Jesus (also another challenge). Anyway, we have a lot of fun together and it seems like she doesn't really get to have a lot of fun in that building. It might be my newest mission to help with that. If I can make ONE person's life a little easier, then I have accomplished something worthwhile. I am just really excited to see how opportunities with these churches grow over time.

Goooooo Jejus!

Now I'm off to take some COLOR photos with my FILM camera. This hardly ever happens, but I need processed color film for class on Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes.