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OK, so I don't mind embarrassing myself a little bit. For the past 13 years, I have had a very special place in my heart for a very special team of music-makers. My first CD (in the 5thgrade) was their first album, and I'm proud to say that since then, they have decided to make real music, although they can't rid of the stigma that they make bad music. Well, when you are 12 and you write a song called "Mmmbop," and then you grow up and still make music, it's going to follow you around.

Yes, dear friends, 'tis true (I feel like the impending drama is necessary. And doesn't 'tis just imply DRAMA?): I LOVE HANSON AND I WENT TO SEE THEIR CONCERT TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW AND IT WAS THE THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE.

Even if you think they are lame, they still put on a pretty good show. They're very entertaining and like to get everyone involved. My kind of people.

I couldn't take Fitty into the show with me, so I had my favorite concert companion (which is also the only camera I used to get into this fancy art school. Please don't tell) with me to help capture the excitement.

On the first night, I scored a seat in the balcony, which was really fun because I could really see everything that was going on. The only downside: it felt like I was just watching, not participating.


So, here's the second -most embarrassing anecdote about my tween years: When I made it into 6th grade, we had a choice between band and choir. I chose band. Then we had to choose our instruments. I chose the drums. Want to know why? Well, yes, in my 12 year old mind, if Zac Hanson was 12 and could play the drums, so could I. And we had the same hair.
I would also like to note that I'm pretty sure these guys run. I don't know where they get the time or energy, but by looking at their bottoms, they must do something. Maybe squatting? I don't know. They have runners' bottoms. I was really impressed that they've beefed up a little bit. These speculations are based solely on my own observations.
Everyone has a favorite. Mine is the youngest.
I actually heard the term "Fansons" being used. Clever...?

Careful there, you still need to be able to make 32957498624 more babies.

Almost ready for the theatrical dismount...

Aaaand here we go. Nice guy, suuuuper awkward landing.

On the second night, I was on the floor with the rest of the crowd, and it was so fun. Especially because they played my very favorite "If Only". It's really my favorite because it takes me back to the 10th grade where Martha and Hallie and I would ride around in Hallie's '91 red Jeep Cherokee and listen (scream) this song on repeat. I feel like it we all got in the car 8 years later and turned this song on, the same thing would happen.

We couldn't take the Walk in SF, so they sang about Africa instead. I was really bummed, because they asked everyone to sort of be quiet because this was acapella, and no one would be quiet to listen to them talk about their experiences in Africa. Lame.
I just reaalllly love how this one turned out:
Now we're done.
Anyhoo, they put on 2 really great shows, and I'm glad I went. Because when/where else would I have been able to have this experience? I figure it needed to be now, while I'm here, just experiencing things.

If NSYNC ever decides to reunite, I'm in a prime spot. EVERYONE comes to play in SF. I think I'll stay here.