Biking is for winners!

by Ellen in ,

Just want to say that spinning really does prepare you for biking in the real world!

I had the BEST DAY YET in California. I took a half-day trip to Tiburon on a bike. It was a glorious day-- lots of sun, about 70 degrees, and perfect. I rode over the Golden Gate Bridge, into Sausalito, and up to Tiburon. It's about 20 miles (a lot of it is uphill) one way, and it took me about 4 and half hours. But it was beautiful. I took about 700 photos, but I'll just put a few on here because 700 is too many. Watch out, because you're about to get REAL sick of looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. So, here we go...

The beginning, just past the wharf:
Doggies on the beach...
Getting a little closer...
Not too much farther...
These waves were fun
Little splash for the bridge.
And then I rode up a big hill
Still climbing...
Approaching quickly...
Almost there.
And now we're on the bridge, looking at the crazy surfer guys below. Those rocks are sharp, dude.
This is what supports lots of tons of motorized vehicles.
Beautiful. Who even lives here? Oh, that's right. It's me!

Walking some more
Look out down below
I rode my bike for a few more miles and ended up in Sausalito. It's very touristy.
And THEN I left Sausalito and rode my bike on the interstate and saw things like this
And signs of real life!
AND FALL EXISTS!! (The Ginkgoes are for Kitty)
And geese! And people who live in real houses! With driveways and front yards!
And then I rode up this big giant hill and I was almost in the famed Blackie's Pasture.
Shells and leaves.
In Blackie's Pasture, there are lovely little children named Will and Maggie. Their mom had brought them out to take some photos, but there was a broken camera and tired kids, so she asked me to take some photos. They are sweet kiddos.
And there are people in California who have real lives and have soccer practice. Who knew?
There's Tiburon over yonder
See? I really did pedal my little heart out. Ellliiiootttttt
And this is the first sign I saw when I entered civilization.
St. Steve's. It was closed.
Hello, Fall!
SF is wayyyy over there
On the ferry home.
I'm not sure I'd feel safe living there. But it sure is lovely.
We meet again.
The ferry ride only takes 20 minutes. The 4 hour bike ride was worth it.

Ferry Building

I love SF very much, but it was really great just to get out for a day and see some other life forms other than tall buildings and adults with tiny dogs. It's about to start raining all the time again, and I wanted to do this before all that started. I may do it again soon and go up to Mill Valley and see some tall trees and do some other stuff. I don't know. But I could hardly believe what I was seeing was in America and I was constantly overwhelmed with excitement for getting to live here and be a part of it.

I found out that I really really really really really want to get a bike.

AND that as much as spinning has helped prepare my legs, it did not prepare the bones in my bottom. I thought for sure after a year of spinning those bones would be conditioned to a bike seat, but apparently that doesn't happen because now I need a do-nut seat in order to sit comfortably.

But it felt really good to get some for real exercise. Next up: running. I can't believe I haven't run in almost 2 months. Yikes! Better get on it. Tomorrow. I have to do something, because I need to look super fly in Melissy's bridesmaid's dress in less than 3 weeks!