Fleet week and other things

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So, there's this episode of Sex and the City about Fleet Week. Guess what? IT'S REAL.

Oh. my. goodness. I ran the Embarcadero today, and it was jam-packed with sailors. Young and old (mostly young). In their uniforms. With their little hats. HOLY COW. They are precious. And there are HUNDREDS of them. They're everywhere.

Fleet Week=a parade of US and Canadian navy ships and the Blue Angels do air shows. A lot.

What that really means: HUNDREDS of cute boys walking around and it's always really loud outside. For an environmentally conscious city, this is NOT a very environmentally friendly tradition. The planes leave these really weird trails of greenish-brown smoke everywhere they go. Yikes. But it sure is fun to see them do all the loop-de-loos.

I think I'm going to venture back down there tomorrow when I'm not sweaty and gross and get a tour of a ship. Maybe I'll meet a nice, handsome sailor in line.

OK, I have hard time admitting to myself that I'm a little boy crazy. I went to an all girls' school for 14 years, what do you expect? There are so many things I can play the St. Mary's card for. Anyway, I just like to look at all of them. I'm mostly scared of boys, so I don't really talk to them...so I figure I can look as much as I want. And they are all sooooo cute. And smiley. And they have good posture. I wonder if they stay on the ship the whole time they're here, or if they have hotel rooms. I don't know. I'll ask when I go on my ship tour tomorrow. It's free!

More fun stuff:

So, since I moved here, I've been really excited because I have been anticipating getting to witness the musical stylings of my friends Drew and Ellie Holcomb in SF. Their whole band is called Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, which Nathan is a part of, so I have really liked getting to know them over the past couple of years. It was super fun seeing them here and even MORE fun how much SF loved them. This place gets better and better everyday...mostly because I find out things I love about the people. Most people in this city are in good moods--it must be all the great things to see/do combined with the wonderful weather we've been having. In general, they are fun to be around.

This is Matt Hires, who Drew and Ellie are on tour with. He's really good!

Thanks, Drew and Ellie! You brought a little piece of home with you, and I am so thankful I got to see you.