Life things

by Ellen in

There are no pictures in this post.

I'm just really excited and I can't contain it.

1. I just started work at Ann Taylor LOFT and I'm obsessed with the girls I work with. They are hilarious. Also, since I said that, I am now legally contracted to say this: "The views and opinions expressed in this blog do not reflect those of Ann Taylor, Inc." I wish I were kidding.

2. I'm THRILLED for Winterfest. I can't wait to spend 5 days on the mountain with Jejus, my favorite humans on the planet, and the coolest kids around. AND to be an old woman with Elise and probably go to bed on time every night since we'll be roommates. If you are at Winterfest and can't find us, we're probably day-dreaming about all the things Loonie is doing while we're away.

3. I'm SO excited to get to see Marc Broussard on Nov. 11. And by Marc Broussard, I mean Nathan Dugger. They'll be together, but I'm really only interested in hugging Nate/getting to see him play his guitar, which will trick me into thinking that life is normal again. I can't wait to see my friend! Just kidding about some of that. I brotally love Marc, and it'll be super fun to take his picture.

Happy Halloween!

This is the first year I haven't participated in Halloween. I don't really feel too terrible/sad about it because everyday is Halloween in San Francisco!