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(You have to say it the way Will says it when he would look at Martha and Dudley's Christmas card on our refrigerator. I wish I had a recording. Imagine Celine Dion and Kermit the Frog coming together inside of Will's vocal cords to produce a sound.)

OK, Brie & Justine are two of the best humans that I know. Seriously. They're just really good at life. I've blogged about them before, when Heather and Ed threw them an engagement party. Anyway, while I was in Memphis, we had time to get some really great images of these pretty ladies.

I feel so blessed to be their friend and that they have asked me to be a part of their journey. I love documenting people, and showing what makes an individual significant and important. The way that Justine and Brie treat each other shows that each finds the other of utmost significance. It is amazing to me how a relationship can do this. Humans were not meant to be alone; we go two by two. The total naturalness of it is so profound to me; that we are supposed to be in community, giving and receiving life from deeply serving other people. Whether it's one person or many, those relationships are what provide a purpose. I see Brie and Justine serving and loving each other, and giving life to those around them. Their love and commitment are truly inspirational, and I hope that they always know how loved and committed we (our community) are to them. On June 25, 2011, I can't wait to say, "We will!"