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Melissy and I have been friends for 24 years, 9 months, and one week. I know this because that's how old I am. Back in the 80s, her parents and my grandparents (MawMaw and PawPaw) were friends from church, and her parents lived 4 houses down from my other set of grandparents (Nana and Grandaddy). We like to say we're Fetus Friends, since we've known each other since we were in our mommies' bellies. Not only that, but we were born 21 hours apart at Baptist East, most likely cried together in the incubators after birth, and grew up 4 houses away from each other. Needless to say, our friendship is one of the most unique and special of anyone's anywhere. From getting our heels pricked to first boyfriends to graduation to marriage, we've done it all together, and this girl (and her family) is so so so so dear to me. I'd do anything for her (obviously). Also, we're more opposite than any two people, and for our whole lives, we have looked like we wouldn't go together. But I think that knowing that we're so different and loving each other even more for our differences are what make us friends for life. She's also the only human on the planet (besides my mom) who I'll let call me Ellie. Except somewhere around the 5th grade she decided to spell it her own way because I'm not an "ie kind of girl" so she calls me Elly. Oooo I love this girl. And her husband, Hunter. What good, sweet man.

Rehearsal pre-wedding smoochy time.
Rehearsal dinner with Rilee.
Already writing Thank Yous.
Getting our hair did.
Drakers wanted to be part of the fun
Love this pup.
The goods.
Rilee investigating Christina. This was really sweet.
Rilee probably just said something pretty sassy, because she's hilarious.
Checking herself out.
Sweet Claire is not so sure about all this makeup.
An angel, for real. She's wonderful.
Sweet girls.

Rocky bringing Hunter's present to Melissa.
What is it?
Oh neat, a 38-Special.
Well, she gave him a shotgun, so it was only fitting, I guess.
Going to see him for the first time.
Hey, pretty lady.
Showing him the hottie photos she took. He likes them.
She's glad he likes them
Partttyyy Busss....I love using other people's flash!
Party time.
Love these two.
At the church.
You try going to the bathroom in this dress.
Aunt Babsie making the musics.
Pretty girl.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Pretty girl, pretty dress, pretty church.
First dance.
There was also a photobooth, so Sammy and I jumped in (he had already made friends with Norm, the guy who ran it), and Norm took creep-o pictures of us.
The end.

Congratulations to the brand new Burruses!

(Oh, the irony. Thank you, life.)