My favorite day at church

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OK, so I just now figured out a way to upload my photos to my blog. Before, it would take FOREVER because the files are so big, but I have found a way around it, and from now on, I will be blogging like a crazyperson.

Anyway, today was my second favorite Sunday on our calendar (second only to Palm Sunday, which is my first favorite): The Feast of St. Francis. I mean, if you've ever read this blog, you know why it's my favorite. I LOVE ST. FRANCIS.

AND it means all the doggies get to come to church to be blessed!

Which means I thought about and prayed for this sweet angel ALL DAY(which makes it no different from any other day, really):
Please excuse the our rush to document how Luna likes to use humans as an arm rest, it came out a little shaky. But I love it nonetheless.

I know Elise was out of town this weekend, and I kept forgetting to remind her Auntie Grace to take her to be blessed since she didn't get blessed last year because Elise and I were both out of town. She needs to be's a very special day in an Episcopal doggie's life. Like Confirmation, but slobbery-er.

I miss my girl!

I NEVER bring my camera to church unless asked by someone at the church to take a few photos, but Fitty couldn't bear to miss out on seeing so many kids and doggies all in the same place, and hopped into my bag.

Sitting pretty.
Little girl, you better gimme that...
Woof, biotch.
Kiddies and kitties!
Does this face look like someone else we know?
Manning the table.
I LOVED this doggie's face. He is beautiful.
Bahahahaha. Cats are mean.
Except when they're kittens. I don't care who you are, this is the cutest thing ever.
I loved this girl.
Old doggie who would roll her eyes when all the other doggies were barking when the choir sang.
I just thought this was funny.

I loved St. Francis Day in San Francisco!

Next adventure: Tomorrow, I'm biking across the Golden Gate and up to Tiburon. I haven't actually ridden a bike in the real world in about 2 years. Spinning classes count as riding a bike, right? Well, pray I don't fall into the bay or off the side of a cliff. Hundreds of people do this everyday, certainly I can, too. Don't worry, I'll show you the pictures.

Also, I have a ridiculous project due on Tuesday. I'll post here when I'm done with it.