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Here are some things about San Francisco to which I am in the process of adjusting:

1. Walking by European men on the street. They wear SO much cologne that you can't inhale when you pass them. Kind of like when you're eating beignets and you don't want to choke on the powdered sugar.

2. Everyone here says "hella" and calls their friends "homies." Example: "All my homies are hella awesome!" I really thought I had made it out of the '90s unscathed.

3. This one is not so funny: the ridiculous marijuana problem. Seriously, you think it's not addictive? If you feel the need to get high before school, in between classes, and after classes are over, you might want to rethink your theory. Also, the only people who want to legalize marijuana are the people who smoke it, not the ones who want to take the good stuff out of it and use it for medical purposes.

4. Not having a car, and using my legs as my main mode of transportation. No matter your vehicle of choice, you always run into traffic. However, when you're walking down the street, you can't have road rage if someone stops abruptly in front of you or is walking as slow as Christmas. If you honk, give them the finger, or speed up and cut them off, it becomes a whole different kind of personal.

5. Most people talk really fast and really quietly. Or maybe I'm going deaf. Maybe it's both. But I am constantly saying, "What did you say?" It's very frustrating. Just speak up, San Franciscans!

6. If someone is walking their dog(s), they are always glad to let you pet said doggie and will tell you its name. I love that people are willing to share their pets with those less fortunate.

This is seriously the biggest doggie I've ever seen! She is beautiful.

7. I think I may have mentioned the magnanimous amount of good bottoms. (And yes, I feel like the word magnanimous perfectly describes the situation.)

8. Hipsters unite! (PS I hear Urban Outfitters is coming to Memphis. YAY! Now everyone ages 16-28 will look exactly the same.)

That's all for now, I think.