Smiliest baby in the world

by Ellen in

Hello, my name is Ben and I smile more than anyone in the whole world. Also, when I smile, it makes other people cry because I'm so perfect and beautiful and snuggly and wonderful. I have the biggest blue eyes and a crazy monkey ear and now that I'm getting big, I love to hold things in my hands. My head is huge, but that's because I'm still a baby and my brain is really big and smart. I love my mom and dad and Gran and Pawpaw and Gina and Aunt Ellen and I love coming to Memphis to see them. We had so much fun, and I wish Aunt Ellen would have put me in her suitcase and taken me back to her planet called California.

I just love looking at my mom.
She makes me laugh because she is pretty.
Hello, I'm perfect.
More smiles.
Aunt Click Click, get that out of my face.

Big yawns.
See? I can hold Aunt Ellen's finger now. She went a little crazy.

Zoe finds having a baby to be the most difficult thing she's ever done.
Do you hear what I hear?
Thank you, Uncle Sam!

I love my Gran.
Ohhhh those lips...

I'm sitting up with my big baby head!!
Oh, there are my feetses.

Whoaaa hello feets.
My favorite.

I love this guy more than I ever thought I could ever love anything ever. He is perfect and it hurts me to be so far away from him. I'm glad I got to spend a little time with him, although it will never be enough. I don't even care if husband and my own kids are not in the life plan for me...being Ben's aunt is more than enough for me. He's the best thing that has ever happened to our whole family! Miss you every second of every day, Bennybaby.