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This week, I've been doing a bunch of both. Heather gave me some great books for my birthday AND a week at her and Ed's house with Lady while they are in Disneyworld. It has been lovely to read and get to run around Midtown, where everyone honks at you. Not because they're weird, but because they are your friend and want to say hello while you're sweating.

Onto the reading. I read my friend Sara's book, Jesus Freak. It was sitting on the bedside table in my room, and I hadn't read it yet, so I picked it up. As soon as I read the dedication, I naturally burst into tears. It says, "For Paul, my Boyfriend's boyfriend." There, on that first page, were all my friends from church. They were singing and dancing and eating together, as they do every Sunday and as they will tomorrow. I could hear her voice narrating, see Paul's huge face as Sara described the funny things he says to her. I even knew the people whose names she changed... I have never read a book written by someone I know personally. I read her first book, Take This Bread, awhile ago, when I didn't know her at all. So this experience was entirely different. A lot in both books is similar, but it is weird to read a book by your friend. Even in those first pages, when Paul teases her about how she likes to put her hands on people to give them blessings, I let out a strange noise through my lame-o tears. My last memory of a Sunday morning in San Francisco consists of even more tears (unbelievable) with Sara as she put her hands on my head with a blessing to leave and come back soon. And a bunch of other stuff. But that's none of your business.

I love all my Episcopal friends. These days I'm thinking a lot about Carren and Charles and Sara and Paul and Lynne and Karen and Kristin. Magical, genuine, real, funny humans. I think I'm lucky that way--to be blessed to know so many of these kinds of humans. And that all the people that choose to be friends with me are like that. I think about all the great people I know while I run and while I read. Thanks friends, near and far, for making life so special and dear.

Sorry, no pictures.

Also: Dexter and Weeds are the greatest things ever written ever. The end.