With Gladness and Singleness of Heart

by Ellen in , , ,

Winterfest was wonderful (again). We always have the best time on the mountain, and it snowed this year, too. Sorry none of those pictures are available--my memory card deleted all 1200 of them, so that's fun. Hopefully they can be recovered.

It's always a blessing to see lives of kids transformed right before your eyes. We talked a lot about grace with a capital G, and I see God's grace at work through these kids. The way they interact with each other, the respect and love they give each other, and the respect and love they give God. They learn they are God's Beloved, and they carry that with them into the world. It's magical to be a part of it all. While I may not be spiritually leading young people full-time, it is no less amazing to be a witness to God's great work with them.

Here are some highlights that Fitty and I were able to capture:

Hike to Stone Door--always a crowd pleaser
Will's album cover
Eucharist on the mountain--one I will never forget
Errbody/Sing along with Cody
Errbody being silly
Mountaintop jam sesh
St. Mary's girls on the mountain
Pretty day
Just this guy in general.
Soul night
These 3 girls are Irish Dancers and they are INCREDIBLE
Lots of whippin' our hair back and forth
And dancing
And more dancing...
And LOTS of singing
Silent Supper
Also, this guy.
More singing
And Lean on Me
And then we had a sock hop
50s style
New Years dancing
What a good way to start the year.