Got any gwapes?

by Ellen in ,

Mmmmm gwapes.

A duck walks into a bar. He says to the bartender, "Got any gwapes?"
The bartender says, "NO"
The duck leaves. He waddles back in the next day and asks the bartender, "Got any gwapes?" And the bartender says, "NOOO"
The duck waddles out. The next day, he comes back, sits on a stool, and asks the bartender, "Hey, got any gwapes?"
The bartender says, "NO. And you ask me AGAIN, I'm going to nail your BILL to this BAR."
The duck leaves, comes back the next day and asks, "Got any nails?" The bartender says, "No."
Duck: "Got any gwapes?"

That has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING, I just like jokes.

Well, depending on who you are, I have good and/or bad news. The juicing is off for me. I said that my biggest fear with this was a migraine, and you guessed it: I got one on Monday. I took it as a message from my body that it is not right for me. I'm not going to hurt myself just to see what it's like to fast.

Looks like I'll be running a lot harder and working out without joining a gym. Oh, and eating all my gwapes. I got a lot of them. If you see any ducks, send them my way, I'll be glad to share.

NB: These are not grapes. They are also not real. I got fruit on the brain, though.