by Ellen

Well, people, it's official! I am moving to Hendersonville, North Carolina to be the Summer photographer for Kanuga Conference Center. Needless to say, I am BEYOND excited about this opportunity. To be at camp AND taking pictures--what more could I ever ask for? Last summer, I got to spend a week there, and I wrote about all the things I loved about Kanuga. It is a magical place, and I can't wait to spend 3 months making new friends, seeing old ones, and taking their picture. And there is no better place to spend a summer than in the mountains of North Carolina. Taking pictures. Did I mention that? They have hired me to take pictures. Not be responsible for children, not to plan any sort of program or curriculum, not to lose sleep over worry for said children...but to visually express what Kanuga is all about--those children, families, God, being outside, fellowship, happiness, butterflies, puppies, pretty rain, camp, beautiful people, sunsets, water, and general awesomeness.



Thank you in advance for a wonderful summer, Kanuga!