Kountdown to Kanuga

by Ellen in , ,

6 days. Timeout for an emo moment (sorrrry). Feeling a little bit nostalgic. I'm not much of a crier, but the dumbest things are making me think of this or that, or man I'ma miss this person that this cup of FroYo reminds me of. Also, I'm a tad more sensitive than I tell people. Tad= a lot, in real life.

If you're reading this, I'll miss you this summer. I have started this new life thing of saying what I mean, so I'm sorry if it makes me sound like a crazyperson. I wasn't this nervous about moving to California--and that wasn't even in driving distance. I've been thrilled and excited about this job, but now that it's getting closer, I can't help thinking about how Ben will be walking the next time I see him, and I'll have missed it. My sweetest friends will have babies growing in their bellies and I will miss seeing them get bigger. I'm thinking of all the pictures I'll be taking, but I'm also thinking of all the ones I COULD be taking of all the people who are most important. I realize they'll be here when I get back, but I don't want to miss these milestones.

Don't get me wrong, I feel so blessed to have this job and I'm so certain that I'm 100% answering God's call for me, which gives me great peace. I'll be in a beautiful place, with great humans, having lots of adventures=so much excitement. There are just a couple of people that I would not like to have to leave behind.

BUT it's only 3 months and I can't wait to see what God will do in that time.

And ohhhh babyyyyy pleeeaaase just stay the way you are so I don't miss anyyyythiiiingggg. Ooooo I love you more than anybody in the whole world.