Zooming In

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So this is a fun little thing: when I was flying from Tampa to Asheville a few weeks ago, I flew right over the Kanuga. It was very exciting--everyone else on the tiny plane thought I was a crazyhead when I started clicking away--who doesn't love a good aerial shot of their house? Thank you, GoogleEarth, but it's much more fun when you do it yourself.

When I landed, I saw this:

Zoom in a little more and you can see some rocking chairs:

Littttle more zoomzooming and we have the essence of Kanuga (this photo also appears in the Preservation section of Kanuga's 17-year plan for the future):

Here are some more fun things I like. I can't remember if I've posted about the Organic Garden, but it is one of those places at Kanuga that makes me proud to live and work here. It is a HUGE and beautiful completely organic garden that is fertilized entirely with compost and water from our streams. There is an abundance of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and talented farmers to be seen around the Organic Garden.

Thanks to Will for being my hand model. Kanuga has this really wonderful lens it pays me to use, and this is one of my favorite images. Ever.

I'm not entirely sure how this double exposure happened with my digital camera, but it sure was a happy accident. And I think it shows perfectly how much fun is had by all at Camp Kanuga.