The Duggers.

by Ellen in ,

So. The people in these pictures. There are so many words I could say about them, but I think I'll let the photos do the talking (with a tad bit of narration). However, I do love a good story. Here's the short version: I met these people almost 11 years ago and I have wished they would adopt me ever since. I love them all very much.

Here is everyone, including grandparents!

Immediate fam plus Elise:
Two of the best, most hilarious, and generous people I am blessed to know:
Of course we had some girl time.

Real life:

I don't have brothers. If I did, I'd definitely want them to look like this.

Their album cover.
Again, real life.
Careful, these next few might make you want to barf they're so beautiful.

A little story time: Elise is one of my very best friends. Nate also happens to be one of my very best friends. Since they are both so awesome at life and everything (and also since Nate totally thought Elise was super fine), I thought it sure would be cool if they were in love. Coincidentally, they did too! Almost exactly 4 years later, they are still as wonderful together as they are separately.

Aaaaand here we are in real life again.
I love the Dugger family. While they may not be 20+ family members and have their own TV show, they are definitely the best Duggers (and probably SHOULD have their own TV show because it would be hilarious).