by Ellen in

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share something I'm VERY excited to sort of be a part of. This little company called SOUL Solutions. It was started by my very dear friends Matthew and Trip, and HOLY COW do they do some amazing work. Here's what they do: they seek to provide some help within the crazy urban landscape of the world by bringing us back to what matters most--community--by building pieces that generate and promote beauty, eco-cognizance, and simplicity. I mean, literally BUILDING stuff. My carpenter friend Matthew can build pretty much anything you could ever want. From clotheslines to chicken coops to benches to birdhouses to cornhole boards to patio furniture to tree stump tables--this guy can do it all. I would venture to say that he's an artist first and throughout his life has discovered this natural ability to turn a tree into a beautiful piece of work. Good thing he also happens to be my across the street neighbor AND an EpiscoPAL. Since he needs pretty pictures of the pretty things he builds, he has enlisted my help to make those pictures. In return, I get to make up whatever I want him to build and then he does it (OK, maybe this is only what happens in my head). Here are some of the most recent pieces:

If you've driven by the corner of Perkins and Walnut Grove lately, you will have noticed a large Episcopal church there. This birdhouse just so happens to be a replica of that church. Pretty incredible. You too could have an birdhouse replica of ANYTHING you want. Seriously.

This is the bench made out of birch, cedar, and willow. You can also have a customized bench that seats 3 or more (I feel like this is negotiable depending on how many of your friends want to sit next to you).
Here are my personal favorites: the tree stump tables. These come in many different shapes and sizes, can go inside or outside, and are BEAUTIFUL. I will be getting one million of them.

Doesn't it just please your eyes to look at things that are beautiful, made with love, and serve a larger purpose? I'm a huge fan. SOUL Solutions is on the Twitter, the Facebook, and should be inside or around your house. If you like what you see, they are very easy to get in touch with in all portals of communication or you can email them: simple.living.solutions@gmail.com!