Loye & Brian

by Ellen in , , ,

So I have these friends. Brian & Loye. It's hard to know where to begin with these two, because we go way back. I first met Brian 11 and half years ago when I tried to walk through this doorway at this church and I couldn't because he was hanging from said doorway. We were not immediately friends, which was very unusual. There were lots of different things that were ALL Brian's fault (of course) like the one time when he made me cry in the 10th grade, pushed me into the mud at musicfest, dated my friends, wouldn't get into a vehicle if I was also in it, etc. Thank GOD we made it past the 11th grade and he became much wiser and decided it was to his advantage to be my BFF, and in combination with my gracious forgiveness, he has been one of my dearest and closest friends for the past 11 years (we just don't count the time when he hated me for no reason). This guy is charming, deep, kind, silly, and just all around one of the good ones. You can tell by the way Loye looks at him that she thinks so, too. I feel like Loye and I have been friends for much longer than we've known each other (which is almost 4 years now), and I think she and Brian are perfect for each other. They are weird and hilarious together, but would do anything for each other and for anyone else. I am so thrilled that two of my friends are starting a life together, and I'm even more thrilled that they asked me to document a little of their BIG love. And their incredible blue eyes.