So Mod, Y'all

by Ellen in , ,

I was lucky enough to have my friends Bill and Jessie ask me if I would do some 10th anniversary photos of them. They fell into some love at Earnestine & Hazel's and got engaged at the top of the Peabody, but never did any engagement photos. Bill is one of my favorite priest friends and he and Jessie have the two cutest boys, Mose & Abe. They are funny, kind, wonderful humans, and I so enjoy getting to spend time with friends while documenting what makes their world go 'round: love. They dressed up and I got to do something a little different with them. Usually, I photograph brand new love, whether it's engagements, weddings, or new humans, and I was thrilled to be a part of something so comfortable, sweet, and still refreshing. Not to mention beautiful. Thank you, Bill and Jessie, for asking me to do something different for a change--y'all are something special. God grant you many more years!