The ones you've all been waiting for...

by Ellen in ,


It doesn't get more beautiful than these two.

Will and Hayley have such a good story about love. Will knew the moment he met Hayley that he loved her. Well, really everyone but Hayley knew. But we didn't talk about it because we had a sense that it would work out in its own time. They became best friends, which is really how their love sprouted. They have always treated each other (and everyone they know) with love and respect, taking care of each other and loving with a deep and special kind of love. It has been my joy to be a witness to their journey, and it would be impossible to happier for them as they start their new life together. They are precious, precious humans and friends, not only to me, but to so many. Hayley and Will, thank you for living your lives as examples of constant and unconditional love. There are no other people like the two of you.