Zooming In

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So this is a fun little thing: when I was flying from Tampa to Asheville a few weeks ago, I flew right over the Kanuga. It was very exciting--everyone else on the tiny plane thought I was a crazyhead when I started clicking away--who doesn't love a good aerial shot of their house? Thank you, GoogleEarth, but it's much more fun when you do it yourself.

When I landed, I saw this:

Zoom in a little more and you can see some rocking chairs:

Littttle more zoomzooming and we have the essence of Kanuga (this photo also appears in the Preservation section of Kanuga's 17-year plan for the future):

Here are some more fun things I like. I can't remember if I've posted about the Organic Garden, but it is one of those places at Kanuga that makes me proud to live and work here. It is a HUGE and beautiful completely organic garden that is fertilized entirely with compost and water from our streams. There is an abundance of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and talented farmers to be seen around the Organic Garden.

Thanks to Will for being my hand model. Kanuga has this really wonderful lens it pays me to use, and this is one of my favorite images. Ever.

I'm not entirely sure how this double exposure happened with my digital camera, but it sure was a happy accident. And I think it shows perfectly how much fun is had by all at Camp Kanuga.

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So this is the fun thing I did a week a half ago: my Aunt Lu arranged for our WHOLE FAMILY to come and surprise Nana and Grandaddy in Florida in celebration of their 90th birthdays this year. They had never met Ben, so it was a GREAT BIG happy surprise. I took a bazillion pictures, but they will have to wait until I finish Brie and Justine's pictures/have a break from work for a hot minute. Here are a few that we took, though:

All the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids without spouses:

The whole bunch:
Nana and Gdaddy with their kids:

All the grandkids and great-grandkids with spouses:

It was such a fun trip and I can't wait to go through all of the photos and show you the best ones!!

Happy 5th of July!

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We had a fun 4th of July celebration here at the ol' K-nug. It was really fun!

I've been on the go from Brie and Justine's wedding (pictures to come soon) and hanging out with Dad in Alabama. I'm back for now, but going to leave again soon for this really fun thing that I'll tell you about later!

Go 'Merica!

Also, Benny turns ONE in ONE WEEK. Are you kidding me? I haven't seen him since Easter, and no, I don't want to talk about it, thankyouverymuch. Oooo baby I can't wait kiss your face so so so so so so soon!!!

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Obviously I'm enjoying myself. I'm always really sweaty, but the Camp Bob kids are nice to me anyway. They LOVE to have their picture taken; and love even more to take my camera from me and take pictures of each other. It's really great--these kids are awesome. My philosophy is that you never know what starts within a kid whether you hand them your camera or spend a week getting to know them or make them a friendship bracelet. Every little thing is important.

Best Job Ever

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Here are some things I get paid to do:
1. Take pictures (duh).
2. Go on hikes
3. Be at camp
4. Talk to nice people
5. Meet a whole bunch of REALLY AWESOME people.
6. Mmmmaybe tell a pirate joke ... or 46.

Here are some indoor and outdoor worship spaces that I looked at today:

Went on a hike with 12 8th graders and it was so fun. They were hilarious. I'm so glad that this job allows me to do the two things I am most called to: working with young people and showing the beauty of God's creation through images.

Eagle Rock. It's obvious why it's called that.
The view. NBD.

Hello I'm here

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I just took this picture of myself to show you that I'm here and alive. It's about 77 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds and I'm in a rocking chair. I don't actually start work until after lunch, so I'm just chillin. I've been enjoying running on the trails and playing sand volleyball with the Camp Kanuga and Camp Bob staffs and getting to know them--they are very fun. I love camp.