Hayley&Will Got Married!

by Ellen Coleman

So I did a few engagement photos of my good friends Hayley & Will a few months ago, and then they got married on June 1 at Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC, one of the most special places in America (I used to work there as a their full-time photog). I was lucky enough to be IN the wedding and got to shout WE WILL with the gaggle of my dearest friends in full support of Hayley & Will joining their lives together. It was a weekend full of joy, jokes, love, and renewal, and it did not last long enough. Here are some of the beautiful details from their wedding in the mountains. I am ashamed that I have ZERO photos of Hayley & Will together in their wedding clothes, but I forget that when I'm in a wedding, it is a definitely requirement that I must have my own photo made, preferably without a large black camera strapped to my hand. Also, Matthew made the pretty centerpieces that look like branches, Elise did that super artsy photo of Hayley and the bouquet of Dum-Dums, and everything else was handmade and put together by Hayley, Will's mom, and a handful of other crafty, lovely people. It was all very lovely.


by Ellen Coleman

My dear friends Dave and Julie asked me to do some maternity photos not too long ago, and THEN, not too long after that, their sweet girl Piper Anne came out and I got to spend some time with them at their house and do some photos of baby Piper (read: I love shooting babies the best because I get to snuggle them and kiss their faces). Dave and Julie are major athletes, and Piper is one strong little booger. I am so happy to know them, and even happier that they have asked me to document the most important thing they will ever do: keep another human alive. 

Lily is Cute.

by Ellen Coleman

I love my dog. I love her so much that I just wanted to post some pictures of her being cute. She is becoming less camera-shy, so she smiles for me now. Isn't she so pretty? I think she's great. And how sweet is she with those hydrangeas? Oh man.


by Ellen

Here are my latest of Ben and Sam. They are so big! Climbing and jumping on everything. Building forts and leaping off diving boards. Pat-patting and taking laundry basket rides around the house in their monster jammies. Their big ol' teeth and giant blue eyes are pretty awesome. I love these guys to death. They are too sweet. And hilarious. All. The. Time.

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

by Ellen

I've got some goodies sprouting in my backyard...I didn't live at this house in the Spring last year, so I have been pleasantly surprised by the rosebuds and the hydrangeas that are beginning to bloom. I'm SO EXCITED. Here are some pretty things from Springs past.

The ones you've all been waiting for...

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It doesn't get more beautiful than these two.

Will and Hayley have such a good story about love. Will knew the moment he met Hayley that he loved her. Well, really everyone but Hayley knew. But we didn't talk about it because we had a sense that it would work out in its own time. They became best friends, which is really how their love sprouted. They have always treated each other (and everyone they know) with love and respect, taking care of each other and loving with a deep and special kind of love. It has been my joy to be a witness to their journey, and it would be impossible to happier for them as they start their new life together. They are precious, precious humans and friends, not only to me, but to so many. Hayley and Will, thank you for living your lives as examples of constant and unconditional love. There are no other people like the two of you.

So Mod, Y'all

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I was lucky enough to have my friends Bill and Jessie ask me if I would do some 10th anniversary photos of them. They fell into some love at Earnestine & Hazel's and got engaged at the top of the Peabody, but never did any engagement photos. Bill is one of my favorite priest friends and he and Jessie have the two cutest boys, Mose & Abe. They are funny, kind, wonderful humans, and I so enjoy getting to spend time with friends while documenting what makes their world go 'round: love. They dressed up and I got to do something a little different with them. Usually, I photograph brand new love, whether it's engagements, weddings, or new humans, and I was thrilled to be a part of something so comfortable, sweet, and still refreshing. Not to mention beautiful. Thank you, Bill and Jessie, for asking me to do something different for a change--y'all are something special. God grant you many more years!


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Here are Hunter, Elisabeth, and Hunt! Elisabeth and I went to St. Mary's together, so of course she's wonderful and picked a wonderful husband and now they have the sweetest and most expressive little guy, Hunt. I was thrilled when Elisabeth asked me to do some one year photos of him, and we had a grand ole time laughing and playing and eating cupcakes. Seriously, this kid makes the funniest faces. Thank you, Hunter, Elisabeth, and Hunt for asking me to spend time with y'all! It was so much fun to catch up and see your family in action. 


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Check out these two little sweet peas: Neely and Kellen. I met Neely and her parents, Brad and Mary Henry, when I spent the summer working with them at Kanuga. All of us moved back to Memphis on the same day about a year and half ago when Brad was called to be the new director of St. Columba, our Episcopal conference center in West Tennessee. I am SO glad to have Kanuga friends here in Memphis, and they sure are some special humans. They just had baby Kellen and asked me to come over and make some pictures of him and Neely, the sweetest big sister there ever was. Here they are! 


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I got to spend a little time with these jokers right before Christmas, and boy was I glad. These kids are some great EpiscoPALS and I was thrilled to hang out with them and do some photos. You can just tell how much they love each other and how much fun they are to be around. Here are the Laws: Amanda, Aaron, Sam, and Max. Y'all are some good eggs, and definitely one of a kind.